The future is here!

High standards of today is what greatly increases the value, safety, comfort, and efficiency of your home. Technology has provided us with the tools to enhance, and at the same time simplify your life!

An automated home is easy to navigate. Using simple touch panels you can access, change, and monitor your system. Whenever you leave your home you can arm your security (alarm) system, adjust the climate, and turn of lights to save energy with the push of a button. What is extra convenient is that all these functions can also be done via the internet and your phone!

We use only the best equipment and technology to ensure the best Home Theater experience.

Technologies We Use

Here are some tasks you can achieve through home automation:

  • automatically open and close blinds
  • start your favorite music
  • have your coffee ready when you wake up
  • view who is at your front door
  • Automatically control your climate and lighting
  • video tape any activity around your home

…and so much more!

Your system will be designed with you in mind and we will make sure it is completely “upgrade-able” so that you can incorporate additional features later.
Whatever your need or budget, we can design a system that will suit your needs!

Areas We Serve

Long Island ,

NYC (New York City) ,

Nassau County ,

Suffolk County ,


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