We make networking simple! First, lets easily define what it means. NETWORKING is a way to easily share files, documents, music and photos with other people. INTEGRATED NETWORKING connects all your devices (laptop, desktop, printer fax, Pad, scanner, etc.), so people can share all this equipment. It eliminates the need for you to have extra devices for every computer. We will connect every computer in your house or office, both wired and wireless.

We use only the best equipment and technology to ensure the best Networking experience.

Technologies We Use

Most families today have more than one computer whether it be a smart phone, iPad, or a laptop. These computers are used for so much more than simply emailing! They are used for instant messaging, downloading videos and music, playing games, and on and on.

A Home network (consisting of 2 or more computers) would allow your computers to communicate with each other. In a Home Network you would be able to share files, documents, an Internet connection, printers, servers, scanner, stereos, Tv and game systems, CD burners.

We will build a network that will provide you with security and flexibility. We will incorporate all the controls necessary to ensure it achieves your expectations. For example, We can enable you to control your children from accessing the Internet during specific times by placing the modem on a timer.

Leave all the logistics to us. After we meet to discuss your networking needs, we will determine what components are needed to connect your computers and build your network.

We will always be available to service and maintain your network once it is set up.

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